Enjoy One Or More Of The Best 4 Safaris From Victoria Falls To Kenya

A trip to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, while experiencing Zambia and Kenya at the same time sounds awesome, doesn’t it? It takes days to explore all of what there is to do there, so plan accordingly. You can plan safari day trips and even sunset cruises, and then there are those safari vacation packages that hand you an itinerary and keep you busy for days. What are the best four safaris from Victoria Falls to Kenya?

Some of the best safaris involve both places as mentioned, meaning you get to experience it all. For example, one top tour company starts you off in Kenya’s capital. How does a stay at the Emakoko Lodge sound? You see, when you take a safari adventure like this that lasts for days, you are going to experience all kinds of new places. The lodging at Emakoko Lodge would just be your first stop.

With this particular company, your next stay would also be in Kenya, specifically in the city of Tsavo. You would spend three days at that location on this specific safari adventure. Even though their is an organized itinerary so that you experience as many adventures as possible, you do have choices. For example, while is Tsavo, you would be going on game drives, or you can also go out into the wilderness with an experienced tracker. Does it get any better than that?

Imagine all the wildlife that you’re going to see. When it comes to some of the safari adventures, you get to see black rhinos. Now that would be really cool, seeing as black rhinos are listed as endangered. The wildlife will certainly be amazing, and just think about what else you will get to see while you are out there as well. For example, in that area, you are going to be able to lay eyes on Mount Kilimanjaro. Yes, that’s the mountain you have always heard about and now get to experience in person.

Once you end up making it over to Zimbabwe, you can experience Victoria Falls. The waterfall and national park there are amazing, and you will be able to do so many fun things. Plus, Victoria Falls is one of the places where the black rhinos are located. There are a bunch of individual safari day trips that can be planned out when you are in that area, too. In terms of accommodation Zimbabwe has some of the best Victoria Falls Hotels available with choices from Luxury to self catering.

Mara Plains Camp is another place you can visit, especially if you take the days long safari trip with certain companies. And guess what, when it comes to booking the trip with the company mentioned at the beginning of this article, you eventually get to make your way back to Emakoko Lodge, and not when your trip is over either, before it is over.

Who hasn’t visited a really cool place on vacation, only to long to see it again, if just for a minute? It would be rather nostalgic getting to revisit where your trip started just days earlier, especially after seeing all you have seen at that point. Livingstone, Zambia is your next stop when it comes to the safari trip with that company. Now get this, a day trip to the game preserve in Livingstone can also be booked from Victoria Falls. Why do you need to know that?

Well, that day trip is one of the most popular safari excursions because it is how you get to see those endangered black rhinos. Many people talk about wanting to see lions and leopards. That would be super cool and a priority for me, too, but you can’t beat getting to see an endangered animal like the black rhino.

When you do book safaris that are longer than day trips, know what to expect. You want to make sure that all accommodations are included, and you want to be able to know what the itinerary looks like ahead of time. There are day cruises on small boats, too, remember. There are all types of ways that you can enjoy a safari, and by the way, get ready to see tons of elephants. It is good to be the trip of a lifetime, and your bucket list just might be about empty when you are done traveling Africa.

Where would you like to start your safari adventure? You can be make your way around enjoying some of the best day trip safaris throughout Kenya and Victoria Falls. Or you can book a days long safari trip that will take you to both locations and throughout. It sounds kind of neat to have the whole adventure laid out for you because the guides know the area best after all. People mention that the guides are really nice, and you will have so much fun going on one of the 4 best safari trips from Victoria Falls to Kenya. Don’t forget to feed the elephants.

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