Beaches of Kenya

Being the gateway to East Africa, the Kenya coast has a striking and vibrant combination of cultures and people which have resisted the passing of time. It is white sandy beaches extend for over 480kms (300 kilometers) from North to South, surrounded by a stunning coral reefs teeming with wonders of water explorations. The shore has a protective coral reef, creating tranquil waters that are best for swimming and water sports. The Coast also provides a lot of aquatic experiences like para-sailing, water skiing, sailing, biking, windsurfing etc..

Despite their differences, all of beaches in Kenya possess the nearly darkened tropical paradise setting: bright sunlight, soft white sand beaches lined with palm trees, and hotels with all of the luxury you desire. Here is my top 5 of the best Beaches in Kenya.

1. Diani Beach

Meanwhile, the busiest of beaches in Kenya using a great deal of beach hotels, hotels and activities like sports, sports, camel riding, boat tours, etc.. The reef is just a 30 second swim of 10 minute boat ride from the shore.

It is not very “Kenyan” — but still a lot more exotic than your typical Mediterranean vacation shore — but it certainly is a good deal of fun. If you’re searching for relaxation and tons of things to do, and enjoy the bustle, it’s plenty to give. You might even utilize Diani and a foundation for exploring the area, as the inland parks and other factors of interest are near. But if you are into silent, mountainous regions and roads less traveled, then better skip Diani.

2. Watamu Beach – Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay is a long stretch of beach; about 7km long is situated on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya, about 15km south of Malindi. The beach is known for its local reefs, clear water and soft white sands. The beach offers a great swimming chance, gives you a beautiful feeling and the alluring ocean gives an amazing sight. You can participate in certain beach activities such as surfing, sunbathing or require a very long walk along the shores. Turtle Bay is ideal for a relaxing and tranquil day by the ocean.

3. Nyali Beach

Nyali Beach is your very first beach to the north of Mombasa, and readily accessible from there. It is a long stretch mostly taken up by resorts. Some of the very popular North Coast beach resorts are situated here. The shopping center at Nyali includes a sizable Nakumatt grocery store, an online café and a fantastic book shop.

The reef situated 2 km from the shore, has made a sort of lagoon, making it a fantastic location for kite surfing and other water sports. A good deal of activities can be found both by the resorts and other sellers.

4. Lamu Beaches

Lamu Island is filled with beautiful white sandy shores, which are ideal for ultimate relaxation during holiday. Manda Bay and Shela shore are the most well-known beaches in Lamu. These beaches are famous for their panoramic views and serene ambiance. These shores are surrounded by luxury hotels built around the sea. These beach hotels provide people an amazing spot to have fun and relax during their vacations.

5. Tiwi Beach

Aside from the big Tiwi Beach Resort in the southern end, it just has little cottages and no huge beach resorts or hotels. Except round the Tiwi Beach Resort, beach boys and panhandlers are all absent, even though some areas are seen by some friendly locals offering meals. It is a also a fantastic and secure place for swimming, because the reef is extremely near.

The opposing side of this coin is the fact that there aren’t many restaurants and coordinated activities. This should not be a issue, because most cottages have their own tiny restaurants, cooks or self-catering facilities. Nonetheless, it’s obviously a shore in which you wish to go if you’re seeking a few true peacefulness.

Other beaches that are worth a visit:

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